Vancouver Director Makes Feature-Length Debut

Tiffini Mueller, KOIN 6 News

VANCOUVER, Wash. -- A Vancouver woman may be the next big thing in Hollywood.
Rebecca Rodriguez is a writer-director, and is being tracked by the major studios. KOIN caught up with her during the making of her first feature film.

Rebecca is doing it -- so far, with short films. "I think short films are often used to showcase, 'Here I am, I'm in the game, I'm a filmmaker and I can tell a story,'" Rebecca said. The studios love them. They also love a feature-length screenplay that she's written. It's about a Portland heavyweight contender from the 1960s. But before she gets the studio green light, Rebecca has to pay her dues. "They have to put all the pieces under a microscope and that last minute, 'Oh, she hasn't done a feature.' So I was like, 'Give me a minute, I'll be right back,'" she explained.

In that "minute," she's been directing what will be her first feature, called "Coming Up Easy" in Vancouver. "Every opportunity I get to bring a film here, I will do that," she said. "There are times I said if I were in L.A. this would have moved a lot faster. But I've made my choices. I write well here. So for me to be here, it serves me."

She's finally working full time on her career here, but there were hard times. That's because the film industry in Portland is unstable. Sometimes it's hopping, and sometimes it's not. "It kills me. It makes me want to work harder, faster so I can get a project here -- a bigger one where I can really employ a lot of people and pay them well."

As soon as the film is done, there will be a small screening in Los Angeles for the people who have been tracking Rebecca. She hopes that will help some of her other projects.

Koin 6 News 2003


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