Now showing - Best of the 48 Hour Film Project

Wednesday, Sept. 8 to Tuesday, Sept 14, 2004.
BY David Walker, Willamette Week

The 48 Hour Film Project began three years ago in Washington, D.C., and has spread to more than 20 cities worldwide. Filmmaking teams are assigned a genre and given one weekend to write, shoot, edit and score a film, which is screened the following weekend. Late last month, the 48 Hour Film Project came to Portland, and enthusiastic audiences packed the Hollywood Theatre over consecutive nights to see the results. This week's best-of show is a final opportunity to see what is (along with Orlo's Video Fest) arguably the most kinetic film event of the year in a city that already enjoys a healthy underground scene. What you get is a blend of skilled filmmaking and endearing amateurism. Although the best-of lineup is still being determined, likely films include Guilty Party, which exhibits skilled cinematography and editing with an atmospheric score, and Getting 'Wood, which is riotous fun. Quietness of Copper, a charming fantasy about the Portlandia statue, takes its cue from ancient mythology, and features one of the festival's only familiar local names: director Rebecca Rodriguez. Are there better films playing in Portland this week? Absolutely. But quality isn't the only fitting measurement here. Watch the 48 Hour Film Project to experience the contagious thrill of artistry made on the fly. (Brian Libby)


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