BACK WITH MORE - The Longbaugh Film Festival returns.
David Walker, The Willamette Week
March 31, 2004

It was Saturday night, April 2, 2003, and a group of the most disheveled, shell-shocked-looking people imaginable stumbled into the Hollywood Theatre for a screening at the first-ever Longbaugh Film Festival. This group looked terrible--like survivors of some 1970s Irwin Allen disaster film. The truth was, they had just survived something even more harrowing than The Poseidon Adventure. This was the cast and crew of Rebecca Rodriguez's debut feature film, and they had just finished shooting.

Rebecca and I talked briefly that evening. At the time, I wasn't sure if she understood a word I was saying, as she had the look of someone who had just escaped the basement of a serial killer and then wandered through the woods for days, eating nothing but tree bark and bugs. But clearly Rebecca did understand what I said when I told her, "It would be great if we could premiere the film you just finished at next year's festival."

I never promised Rebecca I would show her film at Longbaugh, and she never promised it would be done in time to be shown. But when she showed me a rough cut last summer, my reason for putting together this festival became clear--I had to give Coming Up Easy (9 pm Friday, noon Saturday) an opportunity to be seen.


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